Sam Goodgame

I'm a data scientist at Shift, a graduate student, and an Army veteran. I'm passionate about using data and the scientific method to improve decision-making.

I spent the first chapter of my professional life as a U.S. Army Airborne Ranger, serving as an infantry officer in the 101st Airborne Division and The Old Guard. In the Army, I found myself viewing problems and opportunities through the lens of data analysis. When I exhausted the limits of Excel and my coffee pot, I sought more powerful tools.

When I'm not blinking at a computer screen, I like to travel, read, grill, brew beer, and take photos.


understanding social media through network visualization

SQL, gephi, & tableau

predicting crime types in SF based on location and time

python, sklearn & spark

exploring large NYC 311 datasets using big data tools

EC2, hive/hadoop, & tableau

machine learning: NLP applied to U.S. election politics

python & sklearn

innovating tactical operations in the 101st airborne

excel & coffee (army project)

predictive model: using analytics to boost unit KPIs

excel & coffee (army project)




  • Shift

    July 2017-Present

    Data Scientist
    San Francisco

      Hybrid data scientist and product manager. Shift is a new approach to surfacing exceptional post-military opportunities. It's an portfolio company based in San Francisco and New York.

  • UC Berkeley


    Master of Information and Data Science
    Expected graduation August 2018

      Current/previous courses: machine learning at (petabyte) scale, experiments & causal inference, machine learning, statistics, data visualization, storage/retrieval systems, research design, linear algebra, data structures

      Most-used tools: Python, SQL, R, Unix, EC2, Hive, Hadoop, Spark, Git, Docker, D3.js, Tableau, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Heroku

      Future courses: natural language processing, capstone project

  • GoldenKey

    September 2016-May 2017

    Data Architect
    San Francisco

      GoldenKey is an unbundled real estate platform changing the way people buy and sell homes.

      I helped GoldenKey make data-driven decisions. I was a hybrid data architect, A/B testing lead, product manager, business intelligence analyst, and data visualizer & evangelist.

  • Georgetown Data Science Certificate

    January-May 2016

      Software engineering | Data wrangling | Relational    noSQL databases | statistical modeling | machine learning | data storytelling

      Inspired me to become a Certified ScrumMaster

      Result: Red/Blue machine learning project

  • SoloPro

    March-June 2015

    Director of Analytics

      Increased user growth by establishing and leveraging web data collection, analytics, and visualization architecture.

      Provided the CEO and others with actionable insights that contributed to 528% user growth and a $1.6M seed funding round.

      Wrote about the experience in Inc.

  • HBX CORe

    February-May 2015

    Harvard Business School

      150 hour, 10-week online certificate program on the fundamentals of business from Harvard Business School

      Business analytics | Economics for managers | Financial accounting

      Passed with honors

  • The Old Guard


    Arlington, VA

      rendered honors to fallen U.S soldiers; profoundly humbling

      created and promoted data-driven policies and culture at an elite Army unit

      designed analytics program that provided decision support to leadership through data-driven insights

  • 101st Airborne Division


    Paktia Province, Afghanistan
    Fort Campbell, KY
    Platoon Leader | Training Officer | Executive Officer

      deployed to Paktia Province, Afghanistan; learned to plan/execute complex operations and coordinate large numbers of humans + assets in space and time

      learned that I like solving practical problems by analyzing data; continued love/hate relationship with Excel

      did some innovative stuff chaining our anti-tank trucks to helicopters

  • Ranger School


    Georgia and Florida
  • The United States Military Academy


    West Point, NY

      mechanical engineering | int'l relations (major) | politics, philosophy | physics, chem | 中文 | calc/stats | IT/CS | "fitness"

      social sciences journal editor; leadership forum leader

      extremely unpleasant extremely rewarding

      newfound appreciation for 4 years of calculus/ physics/ engineering problem sets



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